jeudi 29 août 2013

волчатки и дождь

Такие меланхоличные волки сегодня.

In English: The melancholic wolves.

"When it is raining I can be melancholy enough. No one will wonder: "Why are you so sad?"".
"Nobody loves the rain, as I love it. Or maybe do you love? And do you like to walk in the raincoat like a gnome?"
"I like listen to the rain, smell it and stare at it. That would still I was allowed to stay at home so long as I want."
"Get wet in the rain doesn't matter if at home waiting for you a hot black tea and sweet jam."

mardi 27 août 2013


Под занавес лета со мной случилось еще немного моря. 
Еще немного голубого, синего, серого... 
И маленьких собако-историй.

Коллаж, ткань, вышивка. 
Мне очень нравится работать с тканями.
И вышивать буковки-слова.

In English: Sailor-dogs. Collage, fabric, embroidery.

Знакомьтесь, Франц
In English: "His name is Franz. He is a sea captain. The sea is his home".
In English: "His name is Jules. He looks like a pirate, but he is an honest sailor, and he true loves the sea".
"His name is Jacques. He fell in love with the sea since his childhood".
"His name is Pierre. He loves the sea and ships. And also he loves his mommy".

И общие планы

lundi 19 août 2013

Когда я вырасту, я буду моряком

"When I grow up, I'll be a sailor". The series of collages.

Серия коллажей.
Ткань, вышивка.
И волчатки.

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